Online Learning

This year in concert band, we will be utilizing the Google Classroom App.  We will be using the app to share information digitally, meaning students can get their cycle schedules at home, listen to recordings of pieces we will be playing, and print out any handouts that they may have missed or lost.


The Google Classroom App is available here.


Please click on the link.  From there, you will be directed to provide your school district email address.  Your email address will be your username followed by (ex. You will then be directed to a screen that will ask you to input your email again, as well as your password for the computers.  After logging in, you will need to add the class code.  Our codes are: 


Day 3, 6th:  l3xphcv

Day 5, 6th:  rg4cdp5

7th:  cevemme

Once that is done, you will have joined the classroom and should be able to access different materials. 


You can also download the app on phones.  This feature is particularly neat because it will then send notifications when I post something so the students know to check it out. 


Additionally, we will be utilizing SmartMusic this school year.  Login information is provided in the Google Classroom.